Eight & Bob Original 100ml
Eight & Bob Original 100ml beauty shot
Eight & Bob Original 100ml box
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Eight & Bob Original 100ml
Eight & Bob Original 100ml beauty shot
Eight & Bob Original 100ml box
Eight & Bob Original 30ml box


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The most exclusive perfume created by Albert Fouquet. A classic. Albert Fouquet's masterpiece. A timeless, elegant perfume that combines notes of woody freshness and pink pepper. All in a new perfume bottle for the most distinguished men and woman.

TOP NOTES   Cardamom – Lemon – Pink Pepper
   Dried Wood – Labdanum – Violet Leaves
BASE NOTES   Amber – Sandalwood – Vetiver

Eau de Parfum

Albert Fouquet, the son of a Parisian aristocrat, was part of the elite French society in the early twentieth century and a perfume connoisseur. In a room on the upper floor of the family chateau, Fouquet created and perfected various essences for his own personal use aided by Philippe, the family butler. At social events he would surprise everyone with an exquisite fragrance that became increasingly in demand within the exclusive social circle he frequented. However, Fouquet continually rejected proposals to market his fragrance.

One night during his summer vacation in 1937 on the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur), Albert met and got on very well with a young American student who was touring France in a convertible: John F.K. Within minutes of being introduced, JFK was captivated by the essence that Albert wore. John’s charm and congeniality persuaded Albert to leave him a sample of his cologne with a note at the hotel the following morning: 

 "In this bottle, you will find the dash of French glamour that your American personality lacks."

On returning from his vacation, Albert received a letter from John in the U.S. thanking him for the kind gesture and informing him of the success his perfume was enjoying among his friends. He requested that Albert send him eight samples, “and if your production allows, another one for Bob”.

Without fully understanding the request, Albert decided to send a box with sufficient samples to offset the transport costs. His perfectionism extended not only to the fragrance but everything surrounding it. He didn’t fill the order until Philippe found some beautiful glass bottles in a Parisian pharmacy that Albert considered suitable for his cologne. Finally, he ordered several boxes decorated with the same pattern as the shirt that JFK was wearing when they met, and then labeled the bottles and boxes with John's amusing request: “EIGHT & BOB”. 

Albert was surprised a few months later when he began receiving letters from America with requests from various Hollywood directors, producers, and actors such as Cary Grant and James Stewart. Everyone wanted the “EIGHT & BOB” cologne they had apparently discovered through John's father, who had maintained relationships with well-known stars because of his previous business ventures in the movie industry.

The same Original scent now in a Special Edition 50ml that has been made in collaboration with the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of RFK’s historic presidential campaign. The Special Edition product features a prominent photo of Robert and a part of the revenue received from its purchase will be donated as a tribute to Robert F. Kennedy’s dream of a more fair and peaceful world.

Customer Reviews

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Best cologne in the world and so hard to get

Love It

It is such a peaceful fragrance, inviting to the nose.
I love that it’s so soft and pleasant. I was just introduced to it and from the first smell I wanted it so I purchased it for my son and myself. It’s a winner

You could do better

I really like your perfumes. And a nice big house of elegance like you should not charge customers for 2 ml samples. They should be offered as a gift with any purchase so the customers can try the other perfumes. I strongly believe that Eight abs Bob is more classy than that. I bought the 2 of your perfumes lately (100 ML each) and wanted to try the other new ones, and did not like the idea that I paid for samples.
Just my thoughts.
Thank you
Dr. Abu-Halimah

I love the smell!

Bought this for my husband for Christmas because his other bottle was about to run out. It really was a present for myself because I just love this smell on him. He also had a bottle of Nuit de Megeve in his collection at one point, which was also very nice on him, but I love the Original. It’s pricey, but a little bit goes a long way.

2nd time purchase!

My boyfriend ran out and I had to get him another for the holidays. He wouldn’t have the same presentation without it. Such a subtle and timeless scent that you literally can’t go wrong with. Even my mom who hates perfumes and colognes loves Eight & Bob. Overall would strongly recommend.